Epigenomes in plants, animals and fungi


Pao-Yang Chen's Laboratory


Next generation genetics

Next-generation or massively parallel DNA sequencing technologies have the potential to markedly accelerate genetics research. In our lab we perform DNA-seq for whole genome assembly, mRNA-seq for transcriptome studies, ChIP-seq for protein-DNA binding and histone marks, ATAC-seq for chromatin accessibility, and BS-seq for DNA methylation profiling (WGBS and RRBS). Our goal is to integrate both experiments and statistical methods and bioinformatic software to address biologically relevant questions.

次世代DNA定序技術對於現代基因學研究有重大的影響。我們實驗室利用DNA-seq重現全基因體序列,了解各個物種的基因特徵、RNA-seq的轉錄組學研究上,分析基因表達程度、ChIP-seq 分析蛋白質與DNA的的交互作用位點、ATAC-seq可揭露染色質上的開放位置、Bisulfite seuqencing (WGBS and RRBS)利用次世代定序建立全基因組的DNA甲基化圖譜,用以研究表觀基因的調控機制。我們針對次世代DNA定序設計並建立最新的樣品資料 (library) 進行實驗,同時針對產生的龐大資料,研究統計方法,並發展計算工具,以解讀生物學上相關的問題。


動物和植物的基因組DNA甲基化的遺傳標記隱藏著很重要的生物學意義。我們的實驗室與國內外多個實驗室有合作計畫,共同研究各樣植物和動物的DNA甲基化模式。例如,我們希望對基因改良的水稻基因體及表觀基因體進行詳細的研究分析。這個結果將增進水稻基因改良的品質以及轉殖的效率。還有,我們將藉由收集老鼠胎兒檢體,研究試管嬰兒的全基因體DNA甲基化 (methylome)的分布,來釐清試管胚胎植入對胚胎的表關遺傳圖譜的影響力。新的定序技術讓我們可以分析全基因體的DNA甲基化模式,初步的結果令人振奮。近期我們在人類生殖細胞的表觀基因體研究,發表了人類第一個表觀基因體重置的圖譜,是近期研究上的重大突破,我們並展開一連串的相關研究,探討此一遺傳上獨特且重要的細胞。


Lab Members

2018-NOW Associate Research Fellow, IPMB, Academia Sinica
2012-2018 Assistant Research Fellow, IPMB, Academia Sinica
2009-2012 Postdoc and Assistant Researcher, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, UCLA
2008 Postdoc, Oxford Centre for Integrative Systems Biology, Oxford University
2008 D.Phil, Statistics (Computational Biology), Oxford University

Pao-Yang Chen 陳柏仰

Principal Investigator

MA Children's Book Illustration
Anglia Ruskin University

Nien Yang 楊念蓁

Lab Manager (02) 2787-1139

PhD Molecular Biology
National Chung Hsing University

Ming-Ren Yen 嚴明仁

Postdoctoral Researcher

TIGP Bioinformatics Program
NTU & Academia Sinica

Yu-Chun Huang 黃郁珺

PhD student

Genome and Systems Biology
National Taiwan University

Jo-Wei Hsieh 謝若微

PhD student

MSc Ecology and Conservation
University of Aberdeen

Pei-Yu Lin 林蓓郁

Research Assistant

MS Institute of Plant Biology
National Taiwan University

Chih-Hung Hsieh 謝誌紘

Research Assistant

PhD Statistics
University of Edinburgh

Ya-Ting Chang 張雅婷

Postdoctoral Researcher


Undergraduate Researchers

Department of Medical Laboratory Science And Biotechnology
National Cheng Kung University


Undergraduate Researcher



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ORCID iD iconhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-7402-3075

Journal Articles


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Nien's artwork for cover page :

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Epigenetic discrimination of DNA United States Patent Application 16/325097

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